Caption Reporters Meets FCC Mandate
Expands Service to Internet

Atlanta, GA - PR Newswire - April 30, 2013

Fresh off providing captioning services for President Obama's second inauguration, Caption Reporters Inc. is pleased to announce an expansion to servicing federal agencies with their acquisition of a GSA Schedule 70 Contract (GS-35F-0808R).  Acknowledging the growth in federal spending through the General Services Administration (GSA), Caption Reporters will place their captioning and reporting services on the government's electronic ordering system, GSA Advantage!.

"After providing services for both inaugurations and securing our GSA, this schedule will open up even more markets throughout the country and facilitate servicing federal agencies," states Lorraine Carter, CEO and President of Caption Reporters Inc.  She continues: "Being on the GSA schedule also expands our reach beyond the federal government to numerous state and municipal governments as they can now take advantage of our captioning and reporting services."

Caption Reporters specializes in large venue captioning and Internet Captioning; they have provided high profile captioning for clients including The World Bank, AARP, Charles E. Swartz, congressional hearings on Capitol Hill, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (YUCCA Mountain Hearings).  Meeting transcripts are also available as a caption reporting benefit, providing added value to all users, hearing challenged or not.

With the FCC mandating a March 30th deadline for captioning to the Internet, Caption Reporters and Ms. Carter have decided to focus their skills in an area where her team of captioners will be able to caption 'virtually', via the Internet, throughout the United States. Clients requiring captioning services simply log into a provided URL, supply a source of audio, and deaf and hard of hearing persons will be able to participate.

Ms. Carter started Caption Reporters when awarded a three-year contract with WUSA Television station in 1993.  That contract parlayed into captioning contracts for many other clients including Hearst Argyle Television Network where she captioned for approximately 14 stations within that network. She also provided captioning services over the years for Scripps Television Network; Gannett Television; Sinclair Broadcast Group; Belo Corporation -King T.V.; Eagle Television; and Griffin Television.

About Caption Reporters Inc:

Founded in 1993, Caption Reporters Inc. is a full service provider of closed-captioning and related services. They caption national and local news, sports, entertainment and educational programming as well as provide on-site real-time captioning services for conferences, conventions, depositions, meetings and classroom settings.  Caption Reporters deploys their services nationally via Internet, using an Internet streaming text service for broadcasters and corporate communications.  For more information, visit

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